How can I Help you?

I have different ways in which we can work together, remember that each of my services is designed to achieve specific objectives for each of my clients, that is, it is unique and special for you.

First week

Free Coaching

In this first week we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, understand the process of what does it mean to walk towards recovery? and determine if it is possible to work together.

1:1 Coaching

This program is designed to work one on one, in direct contact for 3 months (minimum) up to 6 (months).

During this time I will be by your side supporting you, directing you and holding you when necessary and throughout the process, in a loving and compassionate way.

The journey to recovery is usually a roller coaster and I have experienced it firsthand, I know what you go through and I can understand what is coming

Courses and workshops

Eating disorder

Courses and workshops If you are interested in these topics being talked about in your environment, school, work, friends, etc. Send me an email to chat and determine which of the options I have is best for your audience.




How I can help?

I have some ways I can accompany you on this path to recovery, if you want to know more contact me.

Send me your information in the following form to find out more about you.